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Facial Recognition
To Your _
No need expensive special cameras.
Costomi enables various smartphones,laptops,
webcams and IP cameras to recognize faces.
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Save costs
No need to spend a lot of costs for
developing facial recognition AI. Costomi
reduces the overall costs of your R&D.
2 years 6 months 2 years 5 months 2 years 4 months 2 years 3 months 2 years 2 months 2 years 1 months 2 years 0 months 1 years 12 months 1 years 11 months 1 years 10 months 1 years 9 months 1 years 8 months 1 years 7 months 1 years 6 months 1 years 5 months 1 years 4 months 1 years 3 months 1 years 2 months 1 years 1 months 1 years 0 months 12 months 11 months 10 months 9 months 8 months 7 months 6 months 5 months 4 months 3 months 2 months 1 months 30 day 29 day 28 day 27 day 26 day 25 day 24 day 23 day 22 day 21 day 20 day 19 day 18 day 17 day 16 day 15 day 14 day 13 day 12 day 11 day 10 day 9 day 8 day 7 day 6 day 5 day 4 day 3 day 2 day 1 day 0 day
Save time
Costomi also reduces your long-term R&D
Now let’s apply the facial recognition
to your products, services and businesses.
Facial recognition on your software
and hardware products, etc.
In smartphone / tablet
Your mobile applications and services on Android and iOS can embed Costomi facial recognition AI features.
In your web service
By adding a few codes, easy to apply the Costomi facial recognition AI to your web services.
In your software
Costomi facial recognition AI can be easily embedded in various your applications on Windows or Linux.
From picture and video files
Costomi also can faces at high-speeds from photo anrecognize d video files instead of cameras.
In your hardware
Various hardware products can easily embed Costomi facial recognition AI, and upgrade to AI products.
In the field
Costomi facial recognition AI can be easily used in any offices, cafes, schools, hospitals, and factories, etc.
Completely free,
facial recognition AI open platform
Free of charge for anyone and any purposes
Anyone who wants to experience facial recognition AI for any purposes such as R&D, and testing, etc.
Upgrade your cameras to facial recognition AI cameras
Costomi instantly upgrades the various types of cameras to facial recognition AI cameras.
Without any preparation,
start right now
You can immediately create a free account without any payment information or approval process.
Students & patients
To protect students and patients,
when they pass every check point, it
notifies their parents and medical
staff in real-time.
Speed up people flow
Recognizes multiple faces at
high-speeds when people
naturally walk and look at the
camera without any delay.
Staff & visitors
Whenever passing every check
point, it recognizes faces and
records the history. Visitors easily
register on-site or online in
A lot of visitors
It recognizes visitors' faces and
allows them to enter smoothly by
simple pre-online, mobile and
on-site registration.
In websites, software
Various mobile apps, websites,
and software can use facial
recognition AI to provide new
user experiences.
Staff, students &
People easily prove their identity
at remote locations with a laptop,
smartphone or web camera
without any special devices.
Marketing target
People get the optimized ads
and information from the online
and offline marketing systems in
real-time by facial recognition.
Customers and citizens
It verifies whether the face and
ID photo match. AI verification is
very accurate and much faster
than the human eye.
In hardware
Face recognition AI can be
applied to various hardware. Your
product upgraded with AI
provides a new competitive edge
in the market.
Let’s test the facial AI
Try various Costomi facial recognition
modules for free and find the suitable
modules you need.


Do you have a question or
want to know more about


Get a quote for facial recognition
AI optimized for your products,
services and business.
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lang English
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As an industrial face recognition AI platform, Costomi can be easily integrated into your hardware and software products, services and businesses. Costomi is the only way to upgrade your business through high-performance facial AI without complicated procedures.
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